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Senior Infrastructure Analyst - Cloud

RemoteBrazil, São Paulo, São PauloCore Engineering

Job description

Incognia is a privacy-first innovator in location technology. We are headquartered in Palo Alto, with teams in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York, and Brazil. Today 150M+ devices leverage our location technology. We enable the use of anonymized location data to increase account security, reduce fraud, and deliver private location context aware services. Incognia’s location technology uses network signals and on-device sensors to deliver highly precise location information without capturing any PII. By building an anonymous behavioral pattern, unique for each user, Incognia provides location context and creates a private digital identity for account security. Companies with mobile apps and connected devices use Incognia to deliver secure frictionless experiences through adaptive authentication, private location context aware services, frictionless user ID verification, background authentication, risk assessment and fraud detection, all while protecting user privacy.

Our values:

  • We don't want to know the real world identities of our users

  • Our priority is to serve our customers

  • We are fast problem solvers

  • We respect each other and are free to be ourselves

  • We work as a team to win together

  • We seek what is best for our future

The team:

We are building a high performing team that believes in our mission of balancing security and user privacy. As a team we are constantly raising the bar and pushing each other towards accomplishing the best work we can. We are looking for teammates who want to solve big, important and complex problems.

The opportunity:

  • Be part of a team that's building a service that instantiates and orchestrates a variety of workstation instances across a heterogeneous infrastructure.
  • Build, operate, and support VPN, domain controller, infrastructure automation, hardening, monitoring and other tools that power employees' workstations.
  • Leverage your knowledge of infrastructure and hands on experience to build and support novel solutions and tooling to employees.
  • Partner with stakeholders to identify needs, understand security requirements, and improve the employees' experience.
  • Work cross-functionally with Engineering teams to manage systems and services that provide reliable and scalable solutions supporting the employee experience.

Job requirements

  • Knowledge with network hardware and technologies (be able to understand network scenarios
    and configuration importance (eg: explain routes, nat, rules...)
  • Knowledge with in at least one high-level scripting language (e.g. Python, Ruby)
  • Knowledge in Infrastructure as code (e.g., Docker, Puppet, Terraform)
  • Knowledge in Amazon Web Services.
  • Knowledge in container orchestration (e.g. Rancher, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes)
  • Knowledge in Monitoring (Prometheus, Grafana, Zabbix and others)
  • Practices with Networking and tooling on Linux/Unix-like environments (tcpdump, netstat, iperf, nmap, traceroute, iptables).
  • Proficiency with Microsoft operating systems and Linux OS and Mac OS.

    You should...
  • Be able to plan and execute activities and be trusted to modify the network.
  • Be able to debug hard issues that need deep service/application knowledge.
  • Be able to plan and execute the planning of your own projects.
  • Understand team demand and structure to be able to propose enhancements and new features.
  • Be able to defend your decisions and tasks/projects results.
  • Be able to lead a Jr or new member.
  • Be able to communicate in English and Portuguese.
  • Understand the company business, products, strategy and environment.
  • Suggest new resources and enhancements to our infrastructure
  • Improve Incognia user experience by leading, designing and implementing technical initiatives collaboratively while focusing on user satisfaction and pain points through direct interaction.
  • Develop solutions for technical challenges, through root cause analysis, working with users and collaborating with partner teams.
  • Troubleshoot multiple operating systems, (i.e., OS X, Linux, and Windows) and a range of devices (i.e., desktops, laptops, phone systems, video conferencing and various wireless devices).
  • Collaborate with various global teams including Security, SRE teams.
  • Support IT needs from global offices of all sizes and Incognia of varying technical backgrounds.
  • Support to Cloud Infrastructure
  • Develop and deploy new alerts and monitoring techniques.
  • Documentate new features or changes in our infrastructure.